Playboy TV Swing Season 3.

So Playboy TV Swing Season 3 has just recently started airing. It is not shown on TV everywhere yet (well, not here in Australia at least!), so we do the next best thing: we subscribe to Playboy TV so we can watch the episodes as they are released. They are currently up to episode 3.

To give you a brief review of the first episode, we feel that the season started quite well with a relatively inexperienced couple, who seemed excited to dip their toes into the ‘swinging pool’ and to go with the flow. So for those of you who are very new or just thinking about trying swinging, here is a short clip of an episode of Swing…


Of course every couple is different in how they will approach it – for our first time we just jumped in at the deep end of the pool with both feet first! That worked for us and we have never looked back!

The pace of the first couple was reasonably slow, but things did take off eventually. They started playing a group game of “Roll The Dice” to try to spice things a little more. It worked as it got everyone a little hornier, so it was down to the “Boom Boom Room”!

Here each of the new couple got to try a new fantasy each in the “Boom Boom Room”. The female wanted to see her man with another lady, and he wanted to see her being pleasured by another lady. It eventuated, so it was win, win all round!

Swing Season 3

The next morning, the male was asked about whether he would have liked to have done more things or gone further with anyone else in the house. Now, they agreed to be a ‘soft swap’, ‘same room’ couple. His reply was to the effect that they are just starting out, no need to rush, they have years ahead of them to try out other things. We agree that you would rather ‘regret’ or wish you had have done something with someone or a couple in the lifestyle, instead of regretting or wishing you had not done something. You as a couple come first.


You can see a brief preview of Swing Season 3, Episode 4 HERE:

Playboy TV Swing Season 3 | Preview Of Playboy TV Swing

And if you want to get all 8 episodes, as well as all of seasons 1 & 2 of Playboy TV Swing, as well as 50 other erotic TV Shows, then click HERE now.

We are now looking forward to the next series!

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4 Responses to “Playboy TV Swing Season 3.”

  1. Jojo says:

    Woop woop! Seasons one and two were great, my husband and I are looking forward to season 3! It’s finally a reality show that he will watch! 😉

    • Alan says:

      It’s definitely better than The Voice or The Bachelorette! Swing season 3 is now up to episode 5 or 6 and we have really enjoyed the variety of couples that have appeared so far. Still waiting for the inevitable ‘drama couple’ though!

  2. J&J says:

    My wife and I LOVE the Playboy TV’s Swing series!

    In fact after each episode we always have great sex!
    To be honest, we both wish we could be on the show!

    • Alan says:

      It is our favourite show also! We have to watch it on line as it is not shown on Australian TV. Now if you really, seriously want to be on Playboy TV Swing, send me an email: and I will provide you with a contact person to inquire. I have heard that the next series will be early in the new year.

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