Playboy TV Swing!

Have you seen the recent series of Playboy TV “Swing”?

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Basically it is a house of swingers comprised of 5 experienced swinging couples, and each episode there is a couple that is new to swinging that come to spend a night in the house to dip their toes into the water of the swinging lifestyle.

When the new couple enters the house they are asked about their hopes and expectations about being there, as well as their swinging rules as a couple. They then go and meet the other couples in the house, usually by the outdoor pool.

All of the experienced couples make the newbies feel welcome by having a drink by the pool and have a bit of a chat. The experienced couples will generally ask a few questions of the newbies to find out what they want out of being in the house and if they have any fantasies that they could bring to fruition for them. After getting to know each other a bit better they will then all go off together and play a game that the whole group can get involved in. Usually the clothes start to come off about now (if they haven’t already!)Swingers Spa

The cameras then follow the newbie couple back to their room as they clean up before the nightly activities ahead. There is always interesting discussion between them as to how they are feeling so far and what their thoughts are about being in the house. The newbies usually discuss which couples they are taking a liking to, with whom they would like to take things further.

There is usually a theme night where all couples dress up in costumes, lingerie, or not much at all. After another drink or 2, the new couple is taken down to the “Red Room”. Basically, the sex room! This is where they all play together, mingle, have sex, watch each other – yes this is where it all happens! Occasionally they may all play in the bedroom of the newbie’s, or in the big shower, but generally the “Red Room” is the place to be. Swingers in bath

In the morning the new couple then get to talk with a relationships counselor to make sure that the previous night’s activities are discussed in an open and honest fashion. The counselor then speaks 1 on 1 with each newbie to make sure they are both ok, and have no ill feelings about what went down the night before.

The newbie’s then go and farewell their new friends and leave the house. Most couples reluctantly leave as they have had such a wonderful time (of course!). But then there are a few couples that have been very happy to leave the house as they were completely out of their comfort zone and did not enjoy the experience. This goes to show that swinging is not for everyone, and it can be a real test for a relationship. If you have relationship issues, then this is for you: Relationship Advice.

It is a fabulous show which we have thoroughly enjoyed watching. When we watch it as a couple, it generates some quality discussion between us about how we would handle situations and what we would like to try in future (we would love to try being one of the experienced couples in the house!).

So check out the preview here: Playboy TV Swing.

This is the current second series, and I have knowledge that a third series is to be filmed in April sometime. We are hoping that some friends of ours make the cut to be one of the experienced couples! Fingers crossed for them!

If you have seen the series, please let us know what you think of it below!

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