Swingers Party Time!

What happens at a swingers party?

Recently we went to a swingers party in the quiet local suburbs. It was just an average house on an average street. Previously our swinging experiences have been on holidays overseas at resorts, or meeting up for couple swapping with others we had connected with previously. Not necessarily group sex. So for something different we decided to try a swingers party at someone’s house to see what goes down. This is briefly how the night panned out and what you can expect at a swingers house party.

Upon arrival we were given a tour of the house and then had to dress down into underwear / lingerie or any other sexy wear. There were about 40 couples there of whom we knew none. After a drink or two & chatting with a few couples we headed to the bedrooms upstairs to see what was happening. The room was dark but what we could see was basically group sex with someone having a part of someone else and people in groups of 3-6. We decided to just play with each other on the mattress on the floor to see what would happen next. There was a couple having sex on the mattress next to us so we said hello to them (which was kind of funny as we were all deeply involved having sex but paused to shake hands and introduce and then carry on!).

We ended up couple swapping and playing with that couple next to us, which was fun but we prefer to meet people first and then play if we connect as opposed to random group sex. We are not the type of people who have sex first then swap names later! But if that’s your thing then a swingers party may be for you! In all, it was a good fun night and something we may try again one day on the spur of the moment.

It all comes down to how you want to involve yourselves in this lifestyle. If you want to just meet up with complete randoms for group sex then great! A swingers party will work well for you. If you prefer to get to know people a little bit first and start with couple swapping then click here for the post “Where to find swingers”.

We do not play in this lifestyle to make new best friends – just friends with benefits! So try a swingers party for some group sex if you get the chance to do so – at least you can tick it off the list of things you have done in life like we have!

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